The Museum accepts endowments, donations of exhibits and collections that may be displayed in its exhibition spaces. The donation will be safeguarded and the granter’s name will accompany his offer at all times.

Sponsorings - Donations


In the Kotsiomiti Natural History Museum, thousands of visitors will honor you for your beneficial activity. The Museum presents a special, magic world that studies the natural history of the region, reveals the creations and the beauty of nature, and refers to the concerns about the natural environment and its protection. It is a world in which, every year, thousands of visitors have the opportunity to gain knowledge of millions of years’ history. Very soon the Museum’s exhibitions will be extended and renovated in order to present the newly added, impressive and unique exhibits and to host educational and inquiring activities. We founded it, we preserve it till today and we keep working hard, remaining vigilant, , consolidating new aims and progressive actions. But this is not enough. We also need your support. For this reason we seek sponsorships from anyone who is able and willing to offer. Sponsoring favors both sides. This sponsoring offers you or your business the opportunity to be publically known as the sponsorship’s data will be properly displayed in prominent places. So the thousands of visitors, will know that they owe to you as well, the provided opportunity to understand, respect and care about our natural wealth and the environment. The Museum invites you to support its effort by promoting its activities. For those who are interested in participating in the work of the Museum, they can ask information for: The ways they can offer their sponsorships. The ways the Museum gives prominence to its sponsors. . The action we take in order to secure in advance the implementation of the legislation tax exemptions on cultural sponsoring. By the Ministry of Culture/GNOS 50532/7-10-1998 Common Ministerial Act, the ministers of finance and culture, provide for cultural sponsorship in the provision: "determination of entities that aim for cultural purposes. The distributed amounts from donations towards national legal entities of beneficiary aims, whether under the legal form of a charity or not, they are drifted from the gross income. (Council of State, decision No 6004/1996)


The Museum is a permanent and timeless institution. It accepts offers of exhibits and collections relevant to its thematic units that can be exhibited in it, offering the Museum the opportunity to enrich its collections and the visitors the chance to learn about them and get informed about the donor. The donator will be secured and his name will constantly accompany the offer. We invite you to contribute to the work and the development of the Museum. The Museum can undertake action in more sectors with your support and proceed to the enrichment of its collections, evolve its operation and the quality of services that it offers.