The Museum accepts endowments, donations of exhibits and collections that may be displayed in its exhibition spaces. The donation will be safeguarded and the granter’s name will accompany his offer at all times.

The Founders

    Vasileios N. Kotsiomitis            Anastasia Poth. Sarri


The creation of the Museum was the outcome of all the thoughts, the actions and the discoveries of the previous years.

Having a large collection of rare and unique finds (minerals and fossils) in our hands mainly from Greece, collected and acquired with the effort, love and the seeking spirit of true collectors, and with the purpose of sharing our knowledge and passion, we decided to create this Museum and thus make our own contribution to our country.

Exclusively based on our means and with hard personal work we enacted our vision considering that it concerned more people than us. With the guidance of our deep love for what we have created we remain stable to our purposes, dealing at all times with the difficulties and the cost of such an activity, while we fathom that in this place with the unique grandeur and all its difficulties, we must constantly fight in order to get appropriate support and the means to offer.

The scientific world, supports our effort, by recognizing, classifying and confirming the scientific value of the findings.

All Greeks should come in contact with these treasures of the earth in order to gain the knowledge needed for the maintenance of all the unknown wealth of this country.

We do not see ourselves as privileged trustees of these magical treasures fermented through the natural processes that took place during the formation of the Ground, but we love them, we recognize their value, their timeless significance, and we prospect to reconstitute their place in the conscience and the cultural activities of our country.

If we come closer to nature we will realize that it has great stories to say. Lets love nature and respect it because it is the only source of life.

The Founders

Vasileios Nik. Kotsiomtitis

Anastasia Poth. Sarri