The Museum accepts endowments, donations of exhibits and collections that may be displayed in its exhibition spaces. The donation will be safeguarded and the granter’s name will accompany his offer at all times.

Where to Find Us

The visit to the Museum, can enrich the schedule of one-day or multi-day excursions of vacationers of the wider region of Argolida, but also of the Municipality of Epidaurus which combines mountain and sea, and offers lots of activities and sightseeing that can fill pleasantly the time of visitors whose unique destination is the visit to our region, with the predominant Ancient theatre of Epidaurus, (monument of world heritage of 4th century BC. the best preserved Ancient Theatre, famous for its exceptional acoustics), and the archaeological site of the town of Asklepios. Moreover, by exploring the region of the Municipality of Epidaurus, we can discover saved monuments that reflect various eras of Greek history and activities that have taken place at different times in our place, such as: The small theatre of Epidaurus, dated from the 4th century BC, the "pyramid of Lygourio'" dated from 2100 BC, the Mycenaean bridge of Kazarma that is considered to be the oldest bridge in the world and dates back to 1.300 BC, the Citadel of Kazarma of the 4th. century BC, the Castle of New Epidaurus, known as Piada where the first national assembly of free Greek state took place, the ancient Mycenaean paths that invite walkers to follow the tracks of our ancestors. Resplendent Byzantine churches and monasteries, with unique Hagiographies from the 7th century onward, indicate the constant habitation of the area and attract the religious tourism. The pottery workshops of the region remain faithful to the tradition of creating handmade authentic replicas, practicing the ceramic art just like old times. Modern residences in green surroundings nearby the sea or in mountain areas of the Municipality meet the needs of visitors and promise a pleasant and comfortable stay. Traditional taverns, reflecting the particular traits of each region of the Municipality, offer culinary delights from traditional dishes. Also biological dairy and olive products of the area (of P.D.O.) but also fruits, citrus fruits, bread and many other local products, fascinate the visitor.